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Nursery Rhyme Series – Nursery Printables

These nursery printables were created by me and are being shared for personal non-commercial use. This series was created as I was pregnant with my son. His nursery was designed around popular nursery rhymes from days past. Originally I intended to paint a mural, but as I thought about it more and more, I decided individual paintings would work better. The room was already painted a blue just shades off of cornflower. I did this series of paintings over St. Patrick’s day weekend in 2012, but did not immediately hang them.

Nursery Printable HeyDiddle16x20 copyNursery Printable Humpty 16X20 copyNursery Printable Jack Beanstalk16x20 copy

Nursery Printable Rub a dub 16X20 copy-aLittle miss 16x20 copy

Click the picture to go to download page for that image.

One Saturday in June, I got a shipment of Roommates brand cloud decals (link below) that I had ordered and set about putting them in place. That was the day I unexpectedly went into labor 8.5 weeks early. My son was born within a couple days but stayed in the hospital about a month because of his premature birth. Even so, the rush was on to finish his room.  We  hung the artwork over the back-splash of the cloud decals, got a super cute nursery rhyme rug (link below) as a gift, and finally bought a  crib.

Nursery Printables Room with prints Nursery Printables - room showing roommates decals

Later, I ran a Kickstarter project to raise funds to have the original five pieces professionally photographed so that they could be reproduced with as much detail as the original. At that time, I was commissioned to paint two additional paintings. The entire collection is what I am now offering on this site for free download for personal non-commercial use. I hope you enjoy the works. Further nursery printables are planned with different themes.


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